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M1-ATX, M2-ATX, M3-ATX, M4-ATX :: Stop and Amazon have NBA Live Coins :: Posted by mtnba2k

Stop and Amazon have the offer on Xbox One only NBA Live Coins leads me to speculate that Microsoft is possibly helping both retailers in some form. The company's already facing an uphill battle with the Xbox One's $100 price premium over its competitor and its previous bad PR, so it's operating from a position of weakness. That means it's doing everything it can to make sure that consumers choose the Xbox One this holiday.On paper. Sony's initiative is quite different: you won't be losing your original PlayStation 3 copy of the game, just getting the PS4 version at a cheaper price. Some enterprising consumers could probably come out farther ahead depending on how deep publishers are willing to discount their games.What Sony's system loses is that immediate, catchy "just $10 to upgrade" marketing jazz. Instead it's "maybe you get $20 off" or "it might be only $15 to upgrade." Definitely not the same sell to consumers, who will be in GameStop and on Amazon this holiday season. Once (if) consumers get over the price difference, the upgrade offers could push them towards Microsoft's console. The lack of concreteness on the trade-in offer affects me directly: I'm purchasing Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag on launch day for PlayStation 3, my AC platform of choice. I'd like to be able to upgrade to the PS4 version with no muss, no fuss, and for only $10. As the situation stands currently I have to hope Ubisoft feels a twinge of kindness. Help me love your platform, Sony. Have these upgrade NBA 2K18 MT offers swayed you towards.

29 Sep 2017, 06:45

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