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Bildschirme Allgemein :: The Aba Prefecture :: Posted by ylq

The Aba Prefecture of Sichuan was known during the history of the revolution. It was a barren land and a harsh environment. It brought many difficulties to the Long March of the Chinese Communist Party. The choice of such a place is mainly because the Kuomintang defense is weak. Can avoid the Kuomintang's edge, the snowy mountain grassland has made the Red Army overcome difficulties, and achieved the Communist Party's dominance in July 2009. As a result of more than a dozen private enterprise owners donating Sichuan Dujiangyan earthquake disaster Cheap Cigarettes , they went to Jiuzhaigou in Aba Prefecture. Taking off from Shuangliu Airport, I will arrive at Huanglong Airport in a short time. I will go to Jiuzhaigou from Huanglong Airport for about 90 minutes by car. In Songsong, I saw the Red Army Long March Memorial Tower. I remembered the changes in Xikang��s time when I learned the history of the party. It is the difference between the times and the situation. It brings me happiness and sadness. Fortunately, I��m more than sad, the journey will always be happy. Just got off the plane, the snow flutters on the airport, although it is a little lonely, but in July, I was curious about the snow. I thought it was the place where the Red Army��s long march was. It was a shocking, worried about the danger of the road Marlboro Red , but in my heart. I was born with a good fortune, and I was able to witness the Red Army��s long march and experience the Red Army��s long march. I had a look forward to it. All the way, to Jiuzhaigou's scenic spots, a disappointing mood haunts the lingering, and tangled in what I have learned is true or false, yes or no, relatively incomprehensible, and turned into a disappointing journey. Qinglan jumped into the eye for a moment, and the green bark that had already headed was green, and the dark green leaves were old and a little wilting, but they held the green layer tightly, which contained another good year. The green barley looks no different from wheat. It is the main food crop of Aba, and it is also the main ration in the Tibetan area. It looks sparse and the harvest is expected to be a foregone conclusion. Occasionally, there is a plot of broad beans, and the branches of purple broad bean flowers are mostly pods Marlboro Lights . It seems that there is no difference between the varieties of Jiangnan and the varieties of Jiangnan, but the seasonal differences are large. The brand of Chuanbei base passes in front of you. Listening to the tour guide said that the loose Chuanbei is the best. The July is the green world. Because the green is refreshing, it escapes the noisy city. Once it is integrated into this green The human being, the body and mind are bathed innocently, become calm and quiet, and have another luxury for life. I really want to be a modern hermit, to have that clear water, fresh air, clear world, forget everything. Disputes, set aside all desires, and make people's jealous days. This green is realistic and real. It allows you to enjoy a journey of reincarnation. It is swept away by a green dream. The green grass full of mountains and slopes gradually drift away with the dream, and the face is dark green. Songlin, listening to the guidance of the tour guide, familiar with the difference between the original forest and the secondary forest, and gave birth to a curious exploration of the original creature. I want to integrate into the forest, and measure the forest's vastness, but the original forest is generally not open. Besides, during the trip, the tour guide constantly persuades that there is a special arrangement for visiting the original forest, but my feelings are It was ridiculed by the snow of more than 4,000 meters of Huanglong Airport, the green meadow of Songluo, the forest of Jiuzhai, and even an unknown wild flower and strange grass on the roadside. People can't be detached from the world. Because there is too much curiosity, too many desires, too many requests for Tibetan-style architecture along the way. Although it is a place where many ethnic groups live together, they usually leave the market town. Tibetans are the mainstay, and there are few Han people living in such places. This may be the difference between cultures! The different geographical environments foster different customs and cultures Newport Cigarettes Coupons , and it is the soul of the nation that can carry such customs and cultures. The soul of this kind of environment, then it will lose the characteristics of the nation. Once many ethnic groups are integrated into a different environment, they will lose their original ethnic habits in the second or third generation, just like immigrants. The people of Europe and the United States, the second and third generations basically do not understand the original national language and ethnic habits, and are assimilated. Therefore, it is said that the creation of the heavens and the earth, the cultivation of one person in the water and the earth are the same, and the manpower cannot be changed. Moved, God created a fairyland like Jiuzhai, perhaps because of human intervention, the original scenery will be destroyed, but once the people are gone, the quiet Jiuzhai will be a beautiful paradise the next day. Early eagerness led to early glimpse into the Jiuzhaigou hosting the Games run Marlboro Gold . The route of the attraction is fixed and the rhythm can be controlled by itself. You can take a car tour or walk, because the team is a group ride, and you can enjoy the beaches, seas, waterfalls, etc. of Jiuzhaigou. The scenery is unique. It��s an unforgettable way to think about a problem all the time. What to look at in Jiuzhai, what is the soul of Jiuzhai. The mountains, forests, bamboo forests, grasses and meadows of Jiuzhai, which have been crossed, may appear more natural. The growing environment of the species and the paradise that is far away from the hustle and bustle of the human world make everything have original spirituality. This is the biggest difference, but it is universal in nature. It is impossible to become a variation in nature because it is Jiuzhaigou. The variation is incomparable, and it is the lack of such spirituality elsewhere. To Jiuzhaigou is to experience such spirituality, and the most exaggerated performance of this spirituality is that the water is the original of Jiuzhai, the simplicity of Jiuzhai, the emptiness of Jiusai, and the national character of Jiuzhai. The most beautiful is the water of Jiuzhai. It is the water that makes pine forest, mountain grass, water puff, sword bamboo, etc., under the support of the mountains, a beautiful and attractive picture, I have never seen such a beautiful. Different colors of Haizi, no matter how many years of calcification deposition, only water can give him life and spirituality, otherwise it is nothing more than a different form of calcified rock. The most amazing thing is that a piece of dead wood has been raised by the water, and it is so lively that your eyes can��t stop the water like this, so the green is uncontested, so primitive and primitive, whether in Matsuzaka, Jiuzhai, or elsewhere. . They all declare Aba's nature, wantlessness, primitiveness, and kindness. It is a natural paradise. The life of a person will change, although it will always follow the path of a trunk, trespassing in the dangers of the human world, and will constantly change itself. Such changes are very painful, and people who experience it are suffering. The experience, the final complaint, and even the outbreak will be a period of memory and eternal. The impression of Aba, from rational to emotional, is pleasant, and the pleasure is a bit of forgetting about green grass, forests, barley, broad beans, etc. If possible, not vacation, but pension in this primitive, natural, beautiful This fascinating feng shui treasure, this experience completely subverts my impression of Aba. Aba is beautiful and has always been a treasure trove.

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