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The PyCar application takes advantage of the PyMedia library extensivelly and can turn your PC into the powerful car media center.

PyMedia is a Python module available on Linux, Windows and cygwin and features the following:

  • Encode/decode audio compressed streams. The following formats are available:
    • MP3,MP2
    • WMA( v1 and v2 )
    • AC3
    • OGG( optional with vorbis library )
    • AAC( optional with faad library )
  • Encode/decode video compressed streams. The following formats supported:
    • AVI( divx, xvid ), generic file format, carrying many possible streams
    • ASF( wmv1/2 ), generic file format, carrying many possible streams
    • MPEG1,2( VCD, SVCD, DVD compatible )
  • Sound output through the OSS / Waveout. Mutlichannel for digital output.
  • Sound input through the OSS / Wavein.
  • Sound mixer manipulation, list all lines, set/get values of every line.
  • Sound manipulation classes such as SpectrAnalyzer, Resampler.
  • Video manipulation to convert video frames between YUV and RGB formats
  • Direct CD/DVD ROM access to read audio/video tracks in a raw format.
    This way you can play Audio, DVD and Video CDs using the same interface.

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Compatibility: Windows 9x/ME, Windows XP, Linux,

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