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NEUHEIT : Mitac MX1-10FEP-D-C246 Dual PCI-E Barebone Nvidia NGC ready

MiTAC MX1-10FEP-D ist ein System der Extraklasse mit Intel® Coffee Lake C246-Workstation-Chipsatz, der Socket-Prozessoren vom Typ Xeon und Core-i LGA1151 unterstützt. Der leistungsstarke Prozessor, der OCP/OVP-Stromschutz und das erweiterbare E/A-Design bieten die Lösung für jede komplizierte Aufgabe und die meisten Arten von Anwendungen. MiTAC’s MX1-10FEP-D embedded system is the next generation embedded system with Intel Coffee Lake C246 workstation chipset which can support Xeon and Core-i LGA1151 socket type processor. The excellent performance, powerful processor, OCP/OVP power protection, and expandable design provide the solution for every complicated task and most types of application. The MX1-10FEP-D’s 8.5 liter chassis design and Xpandable module design give it the possibility to implement the complicated tasks and for every workspace and environment. Flexibilities also mean a rich array of I/O ports (including 2 x Ethernet RJ45, 8 x USB, 1 x HDMI, 1 x DVI-I, 1 x DisplayPort, 2 x COM, PCIe X16 + X1 slots, 3-pin Terminal Block Power Input, and 3 x Expansion doors) to add a variety of peripherals. Storage expandability is supported for 3 x high-density hard drives in 2.5” HDD bracket design. The reserved space for dual PCIe slots can be used for 1 x GFX Card installation. Two mPCIe (shared with mSATA) slots provide the support of SSD and wireless interfaces which allow effortless connection to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks, and 4Gconnectivity. DIO/COM/LAN/PoE/Power Ignitoin expansion modules extend the capability and possibility to be used in more applications. The MX1-D is now NVIDIA GPUCloud (NGC) ready for customers to deploy edge AI applications. MX1-D has undergone additional security and remote system management tests, which are fundamental requirements for edge deployments. MX1-D is an ideal system for running the DGX™, providing ease of deployment. Versatile Xpansion Modules The versatile Xpansion Module design, offers various I/O functionalities through its lower clever cost effective modulation, providing all functions within one system. Up to 12 LAN, 10 PoE, 10 COM, 16 DIO, Power ignition Xpansion module for vehicle application. MS-48CDN-DT10 (4x RS232/422/485, 8-bit Isolated DIDO (4x DI, 4x DO)) MS-04LAN-R10 (4x Intel i210-IT Giga LAN, RJ45 Port) MS-04LAN-M10 (4x Intel i210-IT Giga LAN, M12 Port) MS-04POE-R10 (4x PoE+, Intel i210-IT Giga LAN, RJ45 Port) MS-04POE-M10 (4x PoE+, Intel i210-IT Giga LAN, M12 Port) ME-02POE-R10 (2x PoE+, Intel i210-IT Giga LAN, RJ45 Port) MS-01IGN-S10 (Vehicle Power Ignition Card, 12V/24V and Power ON/OFF Timing Selectable) MP-116RCN-P10 (PCIe Riser Card with 1 PCIe 3.0 X16 + 1 PCIe 3.0 X1 Slots (Default)) MP-088RCN-P10 (PCIe Riser Card with 2 PCIe3.0 X8 Slots (Optional)) Edge AI Accelerator 4x Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X for Edge AI MX1-10FEP-D with AI modules powered by Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X creates the possibility to be implemented in more Edge AI solutions, for example, traffic flow monitoring and real-time decision, manufacturing yield rate improvement via AI algorithm, remote healthcare service, and efficient transportation. Maximum AI Cores: Up to 4x Movidius Myriad X Support Intel OpenVINO Toolkit Supported Framework: TensorFlow, Caffe, MXNET Supports High Resolution Triple Display Supports triple independent displays (DP + HDMI + DVI). The HDMI & DisplayPort up to 4K high resolution. The enhanced visual quality responses the demand of being high precise. (Display Port 1.2 (4K@60Hz), HDMI 1.4 (4K@30Hz), DVI-I (FHD@60Hz)) Born for Matching High Efficiency GFX & AI Cards Maximum GFX Card Dimensions : 145 x 221 x 43 mm AI / Graphic Card Support List NVIDIA Quadro P400 (30W) NVIDIA Quadro P620 (40W) NVIDIA Quadro P1000 (47W) NVIDIA Quadro P2200 (75W) NVIDIA Tesla T4/P4 (75W) Aetina GTX1050 N1050-J9FX, 2GB (75W) Leadtek WinFast GTX1030, 4GB (30W) Leadtek WinFast GTX1650, 4GB (75W) Leadtek WinFast GTX1660 HURRICANE, 6GB (120W) Leadtek WinFast GTX1660 SUPER HURRICANE, 6GB (125W) Leadtek WinFast GTX1660 Ti HURRICANE, 6GB (120W) (120W GFX Card need to add 2nd AC/DC 12V Adaptor) Dual PCIe Gen3 Slot for Versatile Expansion Venting holes design for graphic card thermal air out PCIe Holder Design (Rugged PCIe holder design for harsh shock & vibration environment) Dual PCIe Configurations (PCIe 3.0 X16 + PCIe 3.0 X1 Slot as default, 2 x PCIe 3.0 X8 slot as option) Smart and Simple Integrated Fan Solutions For High-end GFX Cards Optional 2 x internal system fan with ventilation air inlet door for high-end GFX cards For NVIDIA P4/T4 Edge AI Inference Optional 2 x internal system fan with ventilation air inlet door and smart air duct design for NVIDIA P4/T4 edge AI inference Easy connect & insert external system fan for the application in extremely harsh environment Advanced Power Protection Wide Power Range 9V~48V Protection Reverse Power Input Protection Over Voltage Protection: 58V Over Current Protection: 15A ESD Protection: +/-15kV (air), +/-8kV (contact) Surge Protection: 3kW -40~70°C Wide Temperature MX1-10FEP is designed in patented aluminum enclosure not only for atheistic appearance but also for fan-less application in extreme temperature condition from -40 °C to 70 °C. Mitac MX1-10FEP-D-C246 (Intel C246 Xeon/Core-i LGA1151, 2x LAN, 2x RS232, 2x PCIe Slot, Nvidia NGC) Mitac AC-Poweradapter 180W f. MX1-10FEP-D (Zusatz 120W Versorgung für GFX Erweiterung) [MPC-180W12-4DUE] Mitac AC-Poweradapter 220W f. Mitac MX1-10FEP/MX1-10FEP-D [MPE-220W24-3TUE] Mitac AC-Poweradapter 300W f. Mitac MX1-10FEP/MX1-10FEP-D [MPE-300W24-3TUE] Mitac MX1-10FEP-D Externes Lüfterkit - Zusatzlüfter [MX1-01EXFAN] Mitac MX1-10FEP-D Internes Lüfterkit f. GFX Erweiterung [MX1D-02INFAN-GFX] Mitac MX1-10FEP-D Internes Lüfterkit f. Nvidia T4/P4 Erweiterung [MX1D-02INFAN-TP4] Mitac MX1-10FEP-D Riser (1x PCI-E x1 + 1x PCI-E x16) [MP-116RCN-P10] Mitac MX1-10FEP-D Riser (2x PCI-E x8) [MP-088RCN-P10] Mitac MX1-10FEP Erweiterungsmodul MS-01IGN-S10 (Vehicle Power Ignition Card, 12V/24V, Power ON/OFF Timing Selectable) Mitac MX1-10FEP Erweiterungsmodul MS-04LAN-M10 (4x Intel i210-IT Gigabit LAN, M12 Ports) Mitac MX1-10FEP Erweiterungsmodul MS-04LAN-R10 (4x Intel i210-IT Gigabit LAN) Mitac MX1-10FEP Erweiterungsmodul MS-04POE-M10 (4x Intel i210-IT Gigabit LAN POE+, M12 Ports) Mitac MX1-10FEP Erweiterungsmodul MS-04POE-R10 (4x Intel i210-IT Gigabit LAN POE+) Mitac MX1-10FEP Erweiterungsmodul MS-48CDN-D10 (4x Isolated RS232/422/485, 8bit Isolated DIDO 4xDI/4xDO)

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