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NEUHEIT : TurnT201 Intel Classmate/Education Convertible Rugged Laptop

A 360º view for an Education environment TURN T201 combines versatility and high productivity in one single mobile device for Education. This 360º convertible laptop offers a new experience for educational tasks and a high speed connectivity that won’t slow down your work. The long battery life allows it to go the entire school day. Purpose-built for Education TURN T201 has a high-resolution touch screen with palm rejection and an active stylus pen for a more intuitive and precise work. The complete keyboard and wider touchpad improve the productive experience. The rotatable camera enhances collaboration in the classroom by allowing students, to create a more engaging and inclusive learning environment. It also includes Windows 10 Modern Features with added productivity options. Light and Rugged Design built to last TURN T201 has the robustness needed to handle all the activities of an on the go user. Ideal for a classroom environment, it is resistant to drops up to 70cm, and the keyboard and touchpad are resistant to liquid spills up to 100cc, offering more protection and extending the device’s lifespan. The fingerprint verification on the On button provides quick access and added security. Inspiring Knowledge Education Software and Science Kit Included TURN T201 includes ikES, a stack of software tools which gives teachers and students the opportunity to engage together in a fulfilling learning experience.The Microlens snaps on the webcam and works as a microscope (up to 30x magnification lens) for science tasks and the Thermal Probe detects temperature fluctuations. TurnT201 Intel Classmate/Education Convertible Laptop (11.6" Multi-Touch, Z8350 CPU, 4GB RAM, 128GB eMMC)

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