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by admin last modified 2008-03-18 02:25

CarBox is a front-end application, designed for use in a Carputer. Its primary aim is to make it easy to play music, videos, and have satellite navigation in your car.

  • Support for Windows Media Player 9.0 (for Music and Video).
  • Support for Destinator 2.0 (for GPS Navigation).
  • Can embed GPS application of your choosing within the CarBox window, so alt-tab is not required.
  • Fully resumes play after hibernate/restart (windows must be configured)
  • Select a directory subtree to replace, or add to current playlist. Allows for queuing up as much music as you need for your journey!
  • Search facility, to find individual songs/movies, or full albums.
  • Fully skinnable. Patience required!
  • Scalable skins, so you can view them at any screen resolution.
  • Run-time switchable skins, for example day/night skins.
  • Option to embed GPS application in Visualisation screen. Small, but handy.
  • Option to startup GPS application when CarBox starts.
  • Ability to embed multiple applications, as required.
  • Gamma correction, for adjusting brightness for night mode.
  • Configurable Keyboard Controls - Mean a remote control can be used, eg with Girder.
  • Integrated clock. Woot!
  • Possibly other things which I've forgotten about/deemed unimportant.
  • Releases

    Download CarBox 0.7.1 (06/04/2005) Beta

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    Compatibility: Windows XP,

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