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Silverwolf AES Final

by admin last modified 2008-02-27 17:21




  • Final release (v1.3.0.1) in the version 1.3 series before everything moves to v2.0. Almost nothing will be compatible due to the huge changes in the user interface and skinning capabilities.
  • All FMOD changes and implementations completed. Make sure your artsd is permanently disabled if you were using it before.
  • MPG123 is not used for MP3 playback anymore, nor is aRts used for sound, nor KDE a necessity as the window manager - FMOD is the sole sound handler and a spectrum analyzer has been written from scratch for the v1.3 series that replaces the reliance on aRts and KDE to provide the FFT data from the sound stream.
  • A much fancier, detailed and responsive spectrum analyzer is now used in v1.3 that looks 10 times cooler than the previous one.
  • IVTV driver issues resolved by dynamically loading modules as required.


  • The configuration module has been completely redone and the legacy/redundant functions removed. It is much more intuitive now.
  • A small change was made to the ati_remote driver so button presses do not repeat erroneously (see above).
  • Kernel preemption was disabled - the rt2500 driver does not work properly using kernel preemption, often causing the system to freeze. The network scanning as a result appears to be working okay now as well.
  • The spectrum analyzer can now be switched back and forth between normal and full screen within the MP3 player module. The effect is pretty cool.
  • Spoken output now never overlaps, using a FIFO type queueing system for new phrases, rather than just guessing which I admit was pretty dumb.


  • The configuration module should be (almost) completely redone. There are too many throwbacks to the original version. The "Prep New HD" function is currently disabled. It's not really necessary anyway.
  • The network scanning occasionally gets "out of control" and lists access points that don't really exist. It has not been confirmed yet if it's an iwlist problem or a silverwolf problem.
  • Skinning needs more attention.
  • A friendly way needs to be found to hibernate when Xine is running. Currently there is a mechanism in place to allow Silverwolf to quickly exit the video player module just before the hibernation sequence begins.
  • Really really long MP3s (Over an hour) don't display in the time fields properly. It doesn't hurt anything but jumps back and forth after every decoded MP3 frame. Not a big deal.

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